Windows 7 Activation Guide

Windows 7 must be activated in order to use effectively. If the operating system is not activated, a warning message will pop up saying that the software is not genuine. Follow the steps below to get Windows 7 Activated.

To activate Windows 7 you will need a valid licence. Supplyr sell genuine Windows 7 Professional licences, click here to purchase one with instant digital delivery.


From your ‘Desktop’ select the ‘Start’ button in the bottom left corner.


 From the ‘Start’ menu RIGHT click on ‘Computer’ and select ‘Properties’.


This will open the ‘System’ window. Scroll to the bottom of this window where you should see a link to activate, select that link and follow the instructions.


You may find activation fails and you receive an error message, don’t worry if that happens, below the error should be some options (you may need to click ‘show me other ways to activate’ first). Select the option ‘Use the automated telephone system..’ and follow the on screen instructions.

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 Activation Guide

  1. Peter CHANDLER says:

    There is no automated activation phone link now. Need to call 0800 018 8354 and wait for a Microsoft Agent to get activated.

    • admin says:

      Peter, did you manage to activate through this process? Occasionally the ‘automated’ activation phone link is not an option. Typically, running all Windows Updates so that the latest ‘Windows Activation Wizard’ is installed then allows the use of the ‘automated’ activation line. This can be time consuming in terms of Windows Updates downloading and installing, your comment is a speedier alternative.

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